Dress Code

dress codeWhile Oak Hill will not be participating in the Dress for Success policy this year, there are some guidelines which must be followed for safety and modesty of all students.

The general clothing guidelines are this:

a.) no spaghetti straps or thin strap shirts or dresses without an overshirt
b.) all tank tops should be four fingers wide--if the child puts a hand on his/her shoulder, the shirt should cover or approach covering the fingers on the hand.
c.) no loose under arm shirts that expose torso or chest areas without an undershirt
d.) all shorts/skirts should come mid-thigh (a good measure is to have the child's hands hang to his/her side--the shorts and skirts should all be below the longest finger--this is not a fool-proof method but is a good start.
e.) shirts should all meet or exceed the waistband of the pants--no stomach exposures.
f.) no lewd or objectionable statements on clothing
g.) no cleavage should show

Shoes: Heels should be avoided for the safety of all students. Flat, athletic shoes are best.

NO FLIP FLOPS should be worn to school--they are a safety hazard in and out of the building. Many children trip over their own or others' flip flops, creating a trip and other safety hazards. The importance of this item cannot be overstressed.

Shoes with backs and covered toes are requested. No back on shoes= No playground equipment.
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