Principal Message

Mrs. Lisa Shanks, Principal



        Welcome back to a new year at Oak Hill School.  I cannot believe that we are beginning another year at Oak Hill School.  I am so proud to be leading the Oak Hill Team.  Our students, families, and staff have accomplished so many things together.  Our teachers have worked to differentiate instruction striving to provide students with rigorous work that is differentiated so that it is just what each child needs.  We have earned an A rating along with the Four Star Designation.  This has been possible by being proactive and putting first things first in our academic plan. 

       As we begin with the end in mind, we know that we must help our children set goals to work toward.  In addition, we want to lift up each child to support them as they strive to meet their potential as a leader.  That goes along with our vision of Wildcats learning today…leading tomorrow.  We know that some students are interested in technology while others may be interested in robotics or music.  We were honored to receive the Public Education Foundation Technology Award in 2014.  Our PTA has also received numerous awards for their collaborative efforts supporting the work at Oak Hill.

         Another one of our school accomplishments that we take pride in is our work in implementing Covey’s Seven Habits as a Leader in Me School.  In 2013 we received an I Am a Leader Foundation Grant.  We will continue to grow our leadership opportunities at Oak Hill while connecting the community to our classrooms making learning meaningful and relevant to our student’s daily lives. 

As you can see, we try to look at the whole child with each student at Oak Hill.  We live by the motto of “Leaders are striving to do the right thing even when no one else is watching.”  We want all children to look to the numerous different leadership styles that surround them.  In addition, we try to provide them with opportunities that create culturally competent citizens who have an appreciation for our friends at our sister school in China, our friends in Uganda or any other place in our world.  I am sure that it is evident that we synergize in so many ways at Oak Hill to make it a win-win learning experience for everyone.  There are two things that I am sure of--- we are never too old to learn something new nor are we ever too old to follow the golden rule.  That’s what makes Oak Hill so unique.  Everyone, students and teachers alike, learn something new each day.  Furthermore, Cats are cool because they follow the golden rule. 

I look forward to our continued work together this year.   I am confident that it will be another awesome year as we grow together.  Please know that if you ever have questions or concerns, I would appreciate you communicating with me so that we can work to be the best that we can be at Oak Hill School.

                                                                                                                                                For the Children,

                                                                                                                                               Mrs. Lisa E. Shanks